Our 5 different stores have slightly different opening hours but are open Mon - Sun. 

East Belfast: 10am - 4pm

North Coast: 8am - 4pm  (Currently open Thurs - Sunday 10am - 4pm)

Weir Lane: 8am - 4pm

Friar Street: 8am - 4pm

Holywood: 9am - 4pm

Sometimes there is a queue, but we believe we are well worth the wait!



Do you ship worldwide? 

We currently only ship within the UK. However if you see something you like drop us an email to info@guilttripcoffee.com and we will see what we can do! Keeping our GT gang happy is our main priority.

Can I order online and collect in person from the shop?

For sure! Just make sure when you are checking out you select your preferred store of collection when you reach the delivery options.

Why do you only ship on Mondays and Thursdays?

We at GT are conscious of making sure we do our bit for the environment. We use mostly biodegradable or natural packaging and feel we can reduce our carbon footprint by limiting shipping to these two days.

Why have you chosen Mondays and Thursdays?

We want to make sure that if you have ordered on a Friday, for example, that you're not having to wait for the following Thursday for your order to be dispatched. We feel this is the happy medium and will get the product to you as quickly as possible. We know you'll be too excited to wait!



What coffee do you serve?

We are a multi roaster coffee shop, so we continually rotate what we have on bar. We offer espresso based drinks, Batch Brew filter coffee and manual pour-over coffee. However, we only serve and sell our GT exclusives and coffee beans which are limited exclusively to us, so you're guaranteed the most badass coffee experience!

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for new coffee beans which will always be coming your way!



Where are your donuts made?

Our donuts are made in house and fresh every single day.

Can I pre-order?

Damn right! Just click on the order donuts section and you will be directly brought to our order donuts page. Simply pick your preferred location or delivery option and then select the number of donuts you want. Don't forget to leave a note of the flavours you want. If you can decide that is!

Where can I buy your donuts?

We want to make sure the gang is spoilt for choice so we now have 5 stores throughout the UK you can get our delicious donuts from. If you click on the 'Find us' section you will see where each of these is.

We aim to please so keep an eye on more coming your way soon...


Am I guaranteed the flavours I have ordered?

Unfortunately we can't guarantee that all of the flavours you order will be available. Due to all of our Donuts being made fresh each morning and the high demand there is for collection/delivery and walk in sales it just sometimes isn't possible. We always do our best to ensure that everyone who pre orders get's their selected preference.


Can I eat them tomorrow?

If you can wait that long...

What flavours do you do?

We like to keep things interesting so our donut flavours change from time to time. We post daily on our social channels of our current flavours so you'll always be kept up to date. We aim to have 8 different flavours available for you each day.

Do you offer any vegan and free from options?

YUP! After about a year of experimenting with different processes, techniques and ingredients we are pysched to be able to offer a range of plant based and vegan friendly donuts. You'll not even know the difference! Again just be sure to keep and eye on our social media channels for anything new coming your way!

Do you have nutritional information?

Our donuts are all made fresh every day by hand using the best ingredients and best bakers we could source! The sizes and weights can vary slightly, and as a result of this process we are unable to provide definite nutritional information.

Will donuts make me happy?

Ours will..

Where can I find your allergen information?

Ask any of our staff in store and we will be happy to provide all relevant information. Or send us an email to info@guilttripcoffee.com and someone will be sure to send you the information you require.