Third Wave Water

Third Wave Water


Yeh that’s right!

We have been chatting with these guys about their awesome solution for a bit and made the call to let you all in on the greatness. Wherever you are in the world!

These cartons come with 10 sachets and each one is designed for 1 US gallon (3.8ish litres) 

Coffee is about 95% having the most appropriate water to brew your coffee with is one of the big keys to unlocking the full potential of the amazing high score coffee we drink.

This sneaky gear allows you to balance the mineral content of your water to optimise it for your brew and get the most out of that legit coffee your buying from us!

Just add one sachet to a gallon jug of distilled water and shake to get it going! Or you can quarter the sachet into 4 doses per litre of water to stretch the carton out and allow you to allow carry perfect water with you for brews on the go!

This may seem like a crazy step to take, but when we are in the pursuit of THE BEST brews this is a big step forward.

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