Monarch Methods Copper Pourover Kettle

Monarch Methods Copper Pourover Kettle


The Monarch kettle offers maximum control over the variables in pour over brewing. Fill with preheated water, the MK320 is the exact volume for one cup brewing. 

  • Handle-less grip easy to hold and ergonomic. Increases control of direction, rate and volume of the pour.
  • Reduced diameter gooseneck limits flow rate. Easily pour from a single drop to 1200ml/min.
  • Recessed thermoport for optional use with a thermometer. Monitor brew water temperature in real time. Fits probes up to 0.1875".
  • Exact volume fill your MK with preheated water for a consistent, free-poured brew recipe every time. No need for scales to measure water dose.
  • Temperature stability more than a pound of copper in every MK is further insulated with heavy chrome-tanned leather and industrial wool felt. A military grade Velcro closure allows easy sleeve removal for easy cleaning.
  • Recessed lid with concrete handle laser cut from solid copper and with cast concrete knob for a low profile, classic look. 

Please note:

Over time copper will develop a natural patina. Monarch kettles are intended to be filled with water only.  Acidic liquids can cause pitting and copper leaching and are not recommended to be used with exposed copper. Designed to be used with preheated water only and are not for direct heat.

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