We are Guilt Trip.

We are a crew of wayward travellers on a journey and everybody is invited. Full throttle.

We endeavour to serve you the best coffee you'll ever have. We use the highest quality roasters about, using single-origin beans and brewing each cup with a lot of heart. 

Gang, we're all on a trip somewhere. You could be cruising through the day or struggling to even get started. That's why choosing Guilt Trip as a place to refuel is not lost on us. We appreciate there's many stops along the way, so we handmake our donuts fresh every morning to make sure your experience with us is absolutely killer. 

We will never compromise quality for quantity, and in the end we believe it's worth it ...even if you have to wait for it. 

Let's not settle. Whoever remembers moments in life when they settled or sold themselves short? That's why we only serve coffee and donuts we are proud of. Belfast deserves nothing less. Neither do you. 

Friends, stay hungry and be brave enough to never give up. We won't in our passion for coffee and donuts and we don't expect you to give up on your passions either. 

We're in it together. Nobody gets left behind. 

All Thrills No Spills.